On California, the drought and the ‘yuck factor’

David Sedlak by the reflecting pool in front of Hearst Memorial Mining Building

6/23/2017 - David Sedlak, professor of civil and environmental engineering, says our aging urban water infrastructure needs a major upgrade in order to keep our cities thriving. He spoke with Berkeley News about technologies being developed to recycle water, capture storm water and use water more efficiently.

Imagining a post-combustion world

William Nazaroff

6/19/2017 - After teaching a climate change mitigation course for more than a decade, civil and environmental engineering professor William Nazaroff has drawn a few conclusions. One is that it’s time to develop and deploy technologies that move beyond combustion.

The fight to rethink (and reinvent) nuclear power

Per Peterson

5/19/2017 Vox - The latest in a series of Climate Lab videos produced by Vox Media and the University of California features the work of nuclear engineering professor and associate dean Per Peterson.

Q+A on resilient communities

Sophia and Kai Vetter and the Moto family

5/1/2017 Nuclear engineering professor Kai Vetter has founded an organization called the Institute for Resilient Communities, designed to help authorities communicate scientific information following disasters.

Lab to table

5/1/2017 At the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, students are experimenting with plant­-based, more eco-friendly alternatives to meat.

Shielding ice sheets

Leslie Field

5/1/2017 Alumna Leslie Field founded Ice911, a non­profit organization that uses salt-­sized hollow glass spheres sprinkled on vulnerable ice to boost reflectivity and slow the melting process.

Fluoride in drinking water: Friend and foe

Diagram of fluoride effects ion teeth

4/27/2017 Berkeley Science Review - Environmental engineering Ph.D. student Emily Cook reports on the pros and cons of water fluoridation and fluoride-filtering technologies.

Plant-based seafood lab report

Vegetables in a fish-shaped design

4/27/2017 SCET - Moving on from its plant-based meat course last semester, the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology is now tackling the challenge of creating plant-based seafood alternatives to combat the environmental problems caused by overfishing.

Nature’s Brita filters

Photo illustration: Brita filter pitcher in forest

4/19/2017 Salon - CEE professor Ashok Gadgil, co-lead for the Berkeley Lab's Water-Energy Initiative, talks about engineering new solutions to solve the water crisis using simple, cheap and abundant ingredients, like wood, sunlight, even human waste.