An energy strategy that can take the heat

Per Peterson amid cooling pipes

6/8/2016 Berkeley Research - Working with Chinese colleagues through the Clean Energy Research Center for Water-Energy Technologies, nuclear engineering professor Per Peterson is exploring the use of superhot molten salts to boost efficiency in both nuclear and solar energy production.

This is how cities of the future will get their energy

Tiny solar cells developed at UCLA

5/23/2016 Washington Post - In a paper written for Science magazine, UC Berkeley professor of energy and resources, public policy and nuclear engineering Daniel Kammen explores the potential for using renewable energy technologies in urban areas to promote low-carbon, resilient and livable cities.

Siebel Energy Institute announces new grant winners

Stephen Mahin and Anil Aswani

5/5/2016 Marketwired - The Siebel Engineering Institute has awarded a second set of $50,000 seed grants to teams developing proposals that accelerate energy science research. The fifteen teams include two Berkeley Engineers, structural engineering professor Stephan Mahin (a lead researcher) and IEOR's Anil Aswani.

From waves to electricity

Diagram of wave energy generator

5/1/2016 The Theoretical and Applied Fluid Dynamics Lab will begin building a machine that may potentially convert enough ocean wave energy into enough electricity to supply millions of homes with electricity.

Thermoelectrics: An old, new tech

Thermoelectric device

5/1/2016 Alphabet Energy is betting on a resurgence of thermoelectrics with new technology to convert energy lost as heat into clean, recycled power.

The search for smarter energy and water strategies

Postdoc researcher Chinmayee Subban and Ashok Gadgil are refining an affordable water treatment technology to produce fresh drinking water from brackish water

4/25/2016 Berkeley Research - Environmental engineering professor Ashok Gadgil, principal investigator for a $64 million joint U.S.-China research center, is seeking innovative ways to meet the energy and water needs of both developing and industrial societies.

Jacobs Hall honored for sustainability practices

Jacobs Hall (Photo © Tim Griffith)

3/28/2016 Office of Sustainability & Energy - Jacobs Hall, new home of the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, has won a 2016 Higher Education Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Best Practice Award for its efficient use and reuse of energy and water.

Imprint Energy challenges students to build a better battery

Sutardja Center Fellow David Law with Imprint Energy Co-founder and CEO Christine Ho

2/25/2016 Sutardja Center - Imprint CEO Christine Ho (B.S.’05, M.S.’07, Ph.D.’10 MSE) returned to campus as part of the Sutardja Center's Collider program, which challenges students to work on cutting-edge research projects with industry.