Green cities

Plants growing on high-rise building

11/1/2016 The majority of the world’s population is projected to live in cities by the year 2050. Although cities are considered strains the environment, nuclear engineering professor Daniel Kammen see the potential for cities to be models of sustainability.

Following the New Sun Road

Jalel Sager and Jonathan Lee

11/1/2016 Two alumni have co-founded New Sun Road, a technology company committed to implementing solutions to climate change and global energy poverty.

New nukes

Nuclear engineering assistant professor Rachel Slaybaugh

11/1/2016 Nuclear power production is on track for a reboot, with advanced nuclear technologies holding promise for cost-effective energy production.

DOE recognizes Berkeley, Jacobs Hall for energy innovations

Jacobs Hall and its rooftop solar panels

10/26/2016 - The Energy Department’s Better Buildings Challenge program on Tuesday recognized UC Berkeley for its leadership in energy efficiency, citing in particular the 65 percent energy savings at Berkeley Engineering's new Jacobs Hall facility.

A grand tiny house

THIMBY team members in the tiny house they constructed for a statewide competition.

10/24/2016 - A team of Berkeley students recently designed and built a tiny house for a statewide competition encouraging alternative and environmentally sustainable housing.

Nuclear innovators on campus

Rachel Slaybaugh, nuclear engineering professor and founder of the Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp

8/12/2016 - Answering the call for clean energy solutions, the nuclear engineering department hosted a two-week intensive Nuclear Innovation Boot Camp.

Detecting cybersecurity threats by taking the grid's pulse

phasor measurement unit and EECS professor Alexandra von Meier

8/10/2016 IEEE Spectrum - EECS professor Alexandra von Meier and power quality expert Alex McEachern set out to build an advanced power sensor for utility distribution grids, and accidentally produced a promising tool to protect those grids from cyber attack.

Wave energy’s make-or-break moment

Marcus Lehmann presents the Wave Carpet at Berkeley Lab's Pitchfest in San Francisco.

6/21/2016 University of California - The CalWave team, led by researchers from Berkeley Engineering and Berkeley Lab, is working to take their unique “wave carpet” technology out of the test tank and into the open ocean, in hopes of winning a $2.5 million Department of Energy competition.

Massive trove of battery and molecule data released

Kristin Persson

6/16/2016 Berkeley Lab - The Materials Project, a Google-like database directed by materials science and engineering professor and Berkeley Lab scientist Kristin Persson, recently released a huge amount of scientific data to the public as a tool to assist engineers working on fuel cells, especially battery technology.