Imagining a post-combustion world

William Nazaroff

6/19/2017 - After teaching a climate change mitigation course for more than a decade, civil and environmental engineering professor William Nazaroff has drawn a few conclusions. One is that it’s time to develop and deploy technologies that move beyond combustion.

The fight to rethink (and reinvent) nuclear power

Per Peterson

5/19/2017 Vox - The latest in a series of Climate Lab videos produced by Vox Media and the University of California features the work of nuclear engineering professor and associate dean Per Peterson.

EBI signs partnership with Shell to fund energy tech research

Shell and Berkeley officials at signing ceremony

3/15/2017 - UC Berkeley’s Energy Biosciences Institute has entered into a five-year, multimillion dollar research agreement with Shell International Exploration and Production Inc. to fund research that meets the growing demand for energy in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

Argonne Lab's embedded entrepreneurs have Berkeley ties

Justin Whiteley and Ian Hamilton

12/20/2016 - Justin Whiteley (B.S.'10 NE & ME) and Ian Hamilton, an alumnus of the Nuclear Innovation Boot Camp, are part of the first cohort for Chain Reaction Innovations, a start-up hub for sustainable energy innovators embedded at Argonne National Laboratory.

CalWave rides Wave Energy Prize

The CalWave Power Technologies team with their prize check

11/18/2016 University of California - Berkely Lab startup CalWave Power Technologies and its novel “wave carpet” earned second place (and a $500,000 prize) out of an initial 92 teams vying for the U.S. Department of Energy's Wave Energy Prize.

Following the New Sun Road

Jalel Sager and Jonathan Lee

11/1/2016 Two alumni have co-founded New Sun Road, a technology company committed to implementing solutions to climate change and global energy poverty.

New nukes

Nuclear engineering assistant professor Rachel Slaybaugh

11/1/2016 Nuclear power production is on track for a reboot, with advanced nuclear technologies holding promise for cost-effective energy production.