Radical new battery technology for a $130,000 electric sedan

Fisker EMotion car

1/12/2018 LA Times - Solid-state automotive batteries, like those being designed for Fisker Inc.'s all-electric EMotion supercar, will eventually exist, says materials science and engineering professor Gerbrand Ceder, but “it’s not going to happen as fast as people think.”

Major progress in realizing new type of lithium cathode

Gerbrand Ceder

11/2/2017 Berkeley Lab - A team of Berkeley Lab scientists led by Gerbrand Ceder, professor of materials science and engineering, have reported major progress toward making lithium battery cathodes with so-called “disordered” materials.

Inventing the future

11/1/2017 In a Q&A with Berkeley Engineer , Dean Shankar Sastry outlines his vision for the future of the college and beyond.

Materials genome to solar fuels

Comparing potential solar fuel materials

11/1/2017 Berkeley Lab’s Materials Project was deployed with great success in an effort to find new materials that hold promise for capturing more of the sun’s energy.

Berkeley-Denver team comes in third in Solar Decathlon

Berkeley student descending a staircase outside the RISE house

10/18/2017 Denver Post - A collaboration between UC Berkeley and the University of Denver took third place in the Solar Decathlon 2017, a challenge for student teams to build and operate highly energy-efficient and innovative solar houses. The team's RISE house was designed specifically for the city of Richmond, Calif.

Brains for buildings, packaged in a smart briefcase

10/2/2017 - Building-in-Briefcase is a new toolkit consisting of wireless sensors that monitor and communicate overall building health and function. The system, which can be used to retrofit intelligence into existing buildings, is designed to increase energy efficiency.

Fresh ideas for nuclear power

Boot camp participants at California Memorial Stadium.

8/24/2017 - Two dozen students from all over the world gathered at Berkeley for two weeks over the summer to discuss, plan and help start building a new nuclear energy sector. The students, along with professional mentors and speakers, were part of the 2017 Nuclear Innovation Boot Camp.

CalSol finishes 1st at Formula Sun Grand Prix

Victorious CalSol team members surround their car, Zephyr, at the track in Austin, Texas.

8/17/2017 Daily Californian - The CalSol student team has won the Formula Sun Grand Prix, an annual solar vehicle track race for college teams from around the nation. CalSol’s four-year-old Zephyr took first place in the July race in Austin, TX, completing 228 laps with zero penalties.