'Location history' off? Google's still tracking you

Map plotting location history of Google account user

8/17/2018 AP News - Computer science graduate student K. Shankari tipped the Associated Press off to the persistence of Google's movement tracking, even for users who explicitly tell the company not to do so.

Evan Rambo making plays in world of sports technology

Evan Rambo at football practice in Memorial Stadium

8/13/2018 San Francisco Chronicle - Cal football safety Evan Rambo teamed up with students from materials science and engineering, chemical biology and EECS to develop force-tracking wearable technology, a concept that won the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship of Technology' Collider Cup competition.

From cyclotrons to wetsuits

8/10/2018 Daily Californian - In a special issue marking UC Berkeley's 150th anniversary, a review of the campus's history of scientific endeavors features Berkeley Engineering figures in a variety of prominent roles, including Vice Chancellor for Research (and EECS professor) Randy Katz.

How robot hands are evolving

Dactyl robot hand

7/30/2018 New York Times - Drawing on the latest in machine learning, Autolab and BAIR Lab researchers are developing robots that can pick up or move all manner of objects, even learn to make a bed.

Engineering innovators join Bakar ranks

Bakar Fellows Steven Conolly, David Schaffer, Ming Wu and Ting Xu

7/27/2018 - Berkeley Engineering faculty members Steven Conolly, Ming Wu, Ting Xu and David Schaffer are among the new members of the Bakar Fellows Program.

Remembering Bill Baker, Berkeley Lab's first electrical engineer

Bill Baker on the grounds of the future Berkeley Lab

7/24/2018 Berkeley Lab - Berkeley Engineering alumnus William R. “Bill” Baker, who died May 4 at age 103, was a lifelong engineer with an unrelenting mind, boundless ingenuity and dozens of patents to his credit. He was the first electrical engineer hired by Ernest O. Lawrence for what would eventually become Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Space mapping

A new phase array radar installation in Midland, Texas

6/1/2018 LeoLabs’ radar technology tracks space debris and determines if it is hazardous to satellites or other spacecraft.

Then & now

Mashup of photo of McLaughlin Hall and the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Building (date unknown) with photos of current students

6/1/2018 Over the past 150 years, Berkeley Engineering has created a legacy of innovation and public service.

Patterson wins Turing Award

6/1/2018 ECS professor David Patterson won the A.M. Turing Award for his work, with Stanford’s John Hennessy, on RISC processor design.