Devices & inventions

Young interns design and create in CITRIS Invention Lab

Young interns in the CITRIS Invention Lab

7/16/2018 CITRIS - Teenagers from Bay Area junior high and high schools are spending two weeks in the CITRIS Invention Lab this summer, using things like laster cutters and 3D printers to spread their maker wings and fly.

New technique could speed synthesis of DNA

Sebastian Palluk and Daniel Arlow in a lab at the Joint BioEnergy Institute

6/18/2018 - A team of scientists in chemical and biomolecular engineering professor Jay Keasling's lab has made a breakthrough in the synthesis of new genes, offering promise for cheaper, faster and safer development of medicines.

Redesigning wind power

Diagram of the parts of the new efficient wind turbine: Tower, blades, concentrator and camouflage

6/1/2018 Berkeley Engineering students have designed a wind turbine that is quiet, efficient and protects birds.

Solar power windows

6/1/2018 Researchers have created windows that automatically darken to block heat while also generating electricity.

Those four-wheeled robots on campus, explained

Kiwi robot transporting food in downtown Berkeley

5/31/2018 - The presence of talented EECS student engineers, along with plenty of hungry students and a gourmet local food scene, goes a long way to explain the decision by Felipe Chavez to launch his robot-powered meal delivery startup Kiwi in Berkeley.

New technology could wean battery world off cobalt

Gerbrand Ceder

4/11/2018 - A research team led by Gerbrand Ceder, professor of materials science and engineering, has devised a way to build lithium battery cathodes using materials that have greater capacity, and a far lower price, than the traditional cobalt.

Tiny nerve stimulator gains sophistication

Tiny StimDust device shown atop a dime, and schematic drawing detaililng its components

4/10/2018 - Berkeley engineers, led by EECS professors Rikky Muller and Michel Maharbiz, have taken implanted neural dust sensors forward by building the smallest, most efficient wireless nerve stimulator ever.