Development engineering

ESS turns 10, Bechtel becomes a welcome center

Ribbon cutting

10/7/2019 - Berkeley Engineering's new welcome center was unveiled at the 10th anniversary celebration of Engineering Student Services. The center will serve as a place where visitors and students can learn what the college has to offer.

Berkeley water engineer lands 2018 'Slammy'

Joseph Charbonnet and his Grad Slam presentation

5/4/2018 Graduate Division - At the UC-wide Grad Slam competition on May 3, environmental engineering doctoral student Joseph Charbonnet brought home the first-place ‘Slammy’ — and $9,000 in prize money — for his three-minute talk on using manganese-coated sand to capture, clean and re-use stormwater.

Cheap, efficient cookstoves are small-tech solution with big payoff

Thumbnail of video: Getting the Smoke Out of Our Eyes: Ashok Gadgil

2/13/2018 - Ashok Gadgil, professor of civil and environmental engineering, redesigned a simple technology — the wood cookstove — to help women in refugee camps in Darfur, Sudan. The inexpensive and efficient Darfur stove not only reduced the danger of gathering firewood in the war-torn region, it also reduced health and climate risks from excessive smoke.

Coding better healthcare

Byron Zhang with some of the Watsi team during a visit to a medical partner in Tanzania.

11/7/2017 - Byron Zhang (B.S.’15 EECS) is using computer science to make health care more accessible in developing economies.

Simple sanitation, a Q&A with Ashley Muspratt

Ashley Muspratt

9/12/2017 - Over 90 percent of wastewater generated on the planet every day is dumped into the environment without any treatment. CEE alum Ashley Muspratt is working on a solution.

Christopher Ategeka: Health care access for all

Thumbnail of video: This entrepreneur says health care for all starts with keeping local talent

8/22/2017 PBS NewsHour - In a Brief but Spectacular video on PBS, Berkeley Engineer and entrepreneur Christopher Ategeka (B.S.'11, M.S.'12 ME) tells how he is using his influence to recruit health professionals to work in underserved parts of Africa.

Thinking inside the cardboard box

Roofing material made from recycled cardboard on a home in Ahmedabad, India

6/30/2017 Berkeley Science Review - Traditional aid programs import finite resources that require an agency to distribute and maintain. Blum Center development engineers are changing the game by helping communities use their own resources, knowledge and people-power to solve their problems, says mechanical engineering alum Sonia Travaglini.

Nature’s Brita filters

Photo illustration: Brita filter pitcher in forest

4/19/2017 Salon - CEE professor Ashok Gadgil, co-lead for the Berkeley Lab's Water-Energy Initiative, talks about engineering new solutions to solve the water crisis using simple, cheap and abundant ingredients, like wood, sunlight, even human waste.

Empowering communities through sustainability

Rahul Mehendiratta working on plastic filament recycling

1/12/2017 Medium - Reflow Filament, cofounded by Fung Institute alumnus Rahul Mehendiratta (M.Eng.'14 ME), aims to create a new model for the 3D printing industry that empowers communities and encourages innovation in developing regions worldwide.