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How to attract female engineers

Female engineer

4/27/2015 New York Times - In a New York Times op-ed article, Lina Nilsson, innovation director for the Blum Center, writes that the key to increasing the number of female engineers may be to focus engineering projects and curriculums on achieving societal good.

Dean's word: Engineering global solutions

11/1/2014 Globalized markets and leapfrog technologies, including mobile telecommunications, now offer opportunities to eradicate the root causes of global poverty.

Engineering improvements for the world

Lina Nilsson and Dean Shankar Sastry

10/6/2014 Washington Post - A new generation of development engineers, “dedicated to using engineering and technology to improve the lot of the world’s poorest people,” is emerging around the world, write Dean Shankar Sastry and Lina Nilsson, innovation director of the Blum Center for Developing Economies, in a Washington Post op-ed article.

Dean's word: Made-to-order engineering education

5/1/2014 Paul Jacobs, whose lead gift helped launch the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, joined student speakers Eric Mica, Kate Rakelly and Lavanya Jawaharlal for the April 12 groundbreaking celebration for Jacobs Hall, to open Fall 2015. (Photo by Noah Berger) “I’m not an engineer because I like following procedures. I’m an engineer because of those moments of stuckness, and because...

A carbon map to development

10/15/2013 Daily Californian - In a Daily Cal op-ed, Dean Shankar Sastry calls for an international roadmap for economic growth, job creation and poverty alleviation that also contributes to controlling greenhouse gas emissions.

A new design for engineering education

6/24/2013 Daily Californian - In an op-ed article, Dean Shankar Sastry and Executive Associate Dean Fiona Doyle write about how a recent $20 million gift from the Jacobs Foundation will pave the way for a complete reinvention of engineering education at Berkeley, providing all students — especially undergraduates — with opportunities to design and build early and often.

Dean's word: Innovation by design

11/1/2012 Step into room 122 of Hesse Hall on a weekday afternoon, and you’re likely to see more than 100 freshmen building—and then bending, melting and even breaking—their own product prototypes.