Heavyweight Champs

9/4/2009 - In the world of quirky contests, the U.S. National Concrete Canoe Competition isn't as far-out as, say, the Extreme Ironing World Championships or as appalling as the World Bog Snorkeling Championships, but it has its own ability to astound the public and lure fanatical participants. As devoted undertakings go, it is a little silly and a lot serious, especially here at Berkeley Engineering, where a team of 25 civil engineers won the national championship this summer, their first since 1992.

A (Golden) Bear of a Bridge

8/2/2008 - It’s the size of a theater catwalk and weighs just 142 pounds. But the gently arched bridge -- designed, built and ambitiously named "Calatrava" by Cal engineering students -- is the new heavyweight champ of collegiate bridge building. The 21-foot-long span swept a field of 42 finalists on May 23-24 to capture top honors at the 2008 National Student Steel Bridge

Students Grab Gold with Bacteria-to-Blood Project

2/2/2008 - A team of Cal undergraduates has demonstrated how genetically modified E. coli bacteria might be converted into a cheap—and safe—blood substitute. The engineered product, called “Bactoblood,” addresses a global shortage of human blood for transfusions, particularly in developing countries and emergency situations, the young developers say.