Berkeley Engineering in the News

Top AI researchers race to detect ‘deepfake’ videos: ‘We are outgunned’

6/13/2019 Washington Post - EECS graduate student Shruti Agarwal and incoming professor Hany Farid argue that powerful new AI software has effectively democratized the creation of convincing “deepfake” videos, making it easier than ever to fabricate someone appearing to say or do something they didn’t really do.

Cassie Cal makes campus moves on hovershoes

Cassie Cal

6/12/2019 TechXplore - A new video by the Hybrid Robotics Group, show bipedal robot Cassie Cal riding in hovershoes down a few stairs,riding on uneven outdoor terrain, up and down steep inclines, and leaning into a turn to go around corners.

Berkeley students use AI to to help with disaster response


6/7/2019 Consumer Technology Association - During a natural disaster, fast and efficient collection of information saves time and lives. With AsTeR, a platform developed by Berkeley MEng students, victims will get help sooner and firefighters will be able to assist a larger amount of people in a limited time.

Are we on the cusp of frictionless mechanical systems?

Casimir effect

6/6/2019 - Machines often require expensive maintenance or replacement because the physical contact of its moving parts — gears grinding — creates friction that wears these components down. Now, Berkeley engineers have developed a novel approach to eliminate friction in mechanical systems.

A faster technique to purify elements


6/4/2019 Berkeley Lab - Thanks to a new chemical separation method developed by nuclear engineering professor Rebecca Abergel, researchers now have a better way to attain actinium-225, a promising therapeutic isotope for cancer treatment.

Berkeley grads dominate funded founders ranking

Bar chart ranking graduating startup founders from US public universities

5/30/2019 TechCrunch - UC Berkeley is far ahead of its peers in a new survey of which U.S. universities graduated the most founders of startups that raised $1 million or more in roughly the past year.

Berkeley Engineers off to change the world

Commencement 2019

5/22/2019 - At two rainy commencement ceremonies, speakers called on graduates to draw on their Berkeley Engineering education to promote equity as well as innovation.

Salto the jumping robot

5/22/2019 - Topping out at less than a foot, Salto the robot looks like a "Star Wars" imperial walker in miniature. But don’t be fooled by its size — this little robot has a mighty spring in its step.