Bioengineering class registration instructions

To help plan your next semester, BioE's faculty are offering voluntary advising hours to meet with you about planning your next steps here at BioE in Berkeley. Note: advising is voluntary for all Bioengineering students. Students will not be blocked from enrolling in Spring 2020.

Faculty advising will be from, October 7 thru Friday, October 18. Please review and take advantage of these additional office hours! If you have any questions regarding enrollment or these advising hours, please contact Marisela Loza

Bioengineering Undergraduate Faculty Advisers For Spring 2020 Enrollment Group Meetings



Date & Time



C. Anderson,

Synthetic Biology

Tuesday 10/8, 2-3:00p

Friday 10/11, 1:30-2:30p

212 Donner

A. Arkin,

Synthetic Biology

By appointment

please contact

S. Conolly

Biomaterials &


Monday, 10/7 2-3:00p

Tuesday, 10-15, 1-2:00p

370 HMMB

I. Holmes

Computational Biology

Tuesday 10/8, 11-12:00p

Monday, 10/14, 1-2:00p

374C Stanley

S. Hossainy,

Biomaterials &


By appointment

please contact

T. Johnson

1st year & Engin


Schedule appointment via Link and select time slot for "Faculty Advising

418 HMMB

S.W. Lee,

Biomedical Devices

Tuesday, 10/8, 10:30-11:30a

Thursday, 10/10, 10-30-11:30a

B108A Stanley

D. Liepmann

Biomaterials & Nanotechnology

Monday 10/7, 1-2:00p

Wednesday, 10/9, 2-3:00p

280 HMMB

M. Mofrad,


Tuesday, 10/8, 4-6:00p

208A Stanley

N. Murthy,

Biomaterials & Nanotechnology

Friday 10/11, 2:10-3:00p

Friday 10/18, 2:10-3:00p

284 HMMB

A. Streets

Biomedical Devices

By appointment

Please contact: