Adding/dropping courses or changing grading option after the deadline

You are able to add and drop classes using CalCentral until Wednesday of the fourth week of instruction.  Courses on the Early Drop Deadline list must be dropped by Friday of the second week of classes. Technical courses that can fulfill a requirement for your major must be taken for a letter grade. However, if you are taking a technical course that cannot fulfill any requirements for your major, you may change the grading option for that course until the end of the fifth week of instruction. After the fifth week of instruction, you may only change grading options in your H/SS courses. 

Courses may be dropped by the Wednesday of the fourth week provided that you will still be in compliance with the Normal Progress policy. 

Changes to the grading option must be made by the stated deadlines: end of the fifth week for technical courses that cannot be used to satisfy any requirements for your major, and end of the tenth week for H/SS courses.  

Generally, adds, drops and changes of grading option are not permitted past the deadlines stated above. However, if you are experiencing academic or personal difficulties or other unexpected circumstances, you are encouraged to meet with your ESS Adviser to discuss options.

Note: Courses for which academic dishonesty has been verified by established campus procedures cannot be dropped from the record. Grades for such courses will be reinstated to the record when dishonesty is verified.