Instructions for securing in place

Bechtel Engineering Center Emergency Plan

There may be situations when a location should be secured to prevent entry. This will usually be due to the possible presence of a violent intruder. If a secure-in-place or lockdown order is given employees should follow these procedures to ensure their safety.

Choose a room

  • No or few windows
  • Exterior doors and windows close completely and can be locked
  • A hard-wired telephone is ideal

Secure the room

  • Lock and block doors
  • Close window shades, turn off lights
  • Stay low and away from doors and windows

Additional Notes

  • Silence cell phones
  • Do not congregate in one portion of the room
  • Hide under desks or behind furniture
  • When first responders arrive, follow instructions and keep hands visible. Avoid yelling and pointing.

Additional information and training on Targeted Violence is available through UCPD.