Faculty and staff initiatives

At Berkeley Engineering, our faculty and staff are critical to our mission of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. All departments have faculty equity advisers who are engaged in strategic planning, faculty recruitment and retention, graduate student admission and advancement, and creating a climate of equity and inclusion. Faculty and staff serve on our Council on Equity and Inclusion, along with students, to oversee the planning and implementation of our equity and inclusion programming. To empower our faculty and staff with knowledge, skills and practice to become agents of change, each semester we offer workshops through our EMPOWER program. 

As part of the college’s hiring, merit and promotion practices, faculty are evaluated on their contributions to advancing equity and inclusion. We are continuously testing and adopting new practices through our Advancing Faculty Diversity Initiative, which was launched in 2018 with support from the UC Office of the President. If you are interested in learning more about our current practices, please contact the Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion.

All junior faculty in the college have access to the Faculty Engagement Fund, which provides funding and other resources for implementing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

To increase the diversity of scholars pursuing academic careers, the college co-sponsors the annual NextProf Nexus program along with our partners at the University of Michigan and Georgia Tech. Our departments also participate in and take turns hosting other academic career workshops such as Rising Stars ME and Rising Stars EECS.