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Berkeley Engineering@150: It's a wrap

Berkeley Engineering 150As the University of California’s sesquicentennial draws to a close, so too does our 150 Years of Innovation series celebrating the people and inventions that characterize the best of Berkeley Engineering. We set out to provide a sampling of the diverse ways our faculty, alumni and students have made — and are making — their mark on history.

It is satisfying to see that among our most popular posts from the past year, we find a mix of historic and contemporary figures, and faculty alongside students. It may not be surprising to see that icons like Rube Goldberg and Julia Morgan were joined by Steve Wozniak at the top of the list. But we also saw significant interest in the robot BRETT, which highlighted the body of ongoing deep-learning research led by Prof. Pieter Abbeel. Posts about recent graduates such as Christine Ho were well-received, allowing us to showcase how the innovation pipeline is thriving at Berkeley Engineering.

The most popular BerkeleyEngineering@150 spotlight was the post highlighting our student speakers – Andrew-Ian Gonzales Bullitt, Joseph Andrew Charbonnet and Tsai Chu Yeh — at the college's May 2018 commencement.

We acknowledge that there simply are not enough weeks in a year to present all of the amazing people who embody the bold creativity and societal impact of Berkeley engineers. In the end, though, the BerkeleyEngineering@150 series should help serve to showcase the excellence of our college in the past, present and future. We look forward to starting another 150-year run of innovation that makes our world a better place, and we hope you join us along the way.

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