AI@TheHouse co-founders.

AI@TheHouse co-founders. (Image courtesy The House)

AI innovation at The House

Today, the Berkeley-based startup institute The House announced creation of AI‍@‍The House, a startup accelerator focused on artificial intelligence companies. The accelerator will bring together Berkeley Engineering faculty working in the AI space with new startups, in an effort to increase collaborations and spur innovation.

“The House and pioneering artificial intelligence researchers from Berkeley are launching AI‍@‍The House to help build the next generations of industry-defining AI startups,” said EECS professor Ion Stoica, one of the co-founders of AI‍@‍The House, in a press release announcing the accelerator. “We’re building an ecosystem for AI in which fundamental theoretical advances, innovative algorithms, and efficient system implementations can be brought to bear on timely problems that have high value and high societal impact.”

EECS professors Michael Jordan, Dawn Song, Pieter Abbeel, Stoica, Trevor Darrell and Kurt Keutzer are co-founders of AI‍@‍The House. Google is also listed as a founding partner.

The House, which is located across the street from campus on Bancroft Way, has nurtured 50 startups since its founding in late 2015. Of those companies, about a third are related to AI.

Now, with the support of AI‍@‍The House, startups working in the AI space will be able to plug-in to Berkeley’s leading research environment and find support ranging from networking opportunities to computing resources. As part of AI‍@‍The House, startups are also eligible for early investments from The House Fund.

“With AI‍@‍The House we are establishing a dedicated environment to translate the latest cutting-edge AI research into real-world impact,” says Abbeel.

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