2018 Eastman Lectures in Catalysis

Interfacial Perimeter Sites – an Essential Component in Supported Au Catalysis

Speaker: Harold H. Kung, Professor, Northwestern University


4:00pm - 6:00pm

Location: 775, Tan Hall

Interfacial perimeter sites, where the metal atom and its nearest atomic neighbor of support oxide are both accessible to reacting molecules simultaneously, have been found to be essential in supported Au catalysts. They have been reported for CO oxidation, water-gas shift, and selective oxidation reactions. By creating these sites using inverse catalysts, we have demonstrated that these sites are responsible for the selective oxidation of propane to acetone using inverse catalysts of TiO x -decorated Au particles. Additional study with 2-propanol decomposition offered insight into how these sites participate in the reaction mechanism. Structural characterization shows that the crystalline structure of the oxide is unimportant. Thoughts on systems where such sites might be important will be discussed.

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