Kurtis Heimerl

Kurtis Heimerl (Photo from MIT Technology Review)

Young Berkeley engineers recognized as innovators, humanitarians

An EECS post-doc and two Berkeley Engineering alumni are named to the 2014 MIT Technology Review “35 Innovators Under 35” list. All three are part of the humanitarian category.
Post-doc Kurtis Heimerl, 30, developed the Village Base Station, which brings cellular telecommunications to remote places of the world. Heimerl is CEO of Endaga, a company founded to develop and deploy the Village Base Station technology, as well as a researcher in the Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions (TIER) lab.
George Ban-Weiss (Ph.D. ’08 ME), 33, currently a USC professor, is developing reflective roof technology to help keep urban areas cool. Kuang Chen (Ph.D. ’11 CS), 34, founded Captricity, a company that digitizes paper records faster and more efficiently than the previous standard manual-entry methods.

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