Register for classes

You will be registering for courses in CalCentral.   In CalCentral under “My Academics” you will find the Schedule of Classes, Schedule Planner and your Phase I and Phase II enrollment times. Follow these simple steps to get ready to enroll in classes.   You’ll find a video tutorial of the enrollment system here.

  1. Look for an email message from your department regarding class enrollment.
  2. Follow the email’s instructions for arranging a time to meet with your faculty adviser.
  3. Bring the following items to faculty advising:
    1. Class Enrollment form completed with your intended schedule for the upcoming semester.
    2. degree worksheet with your completed and in-progress courses. For this fall semester you will still use the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) to help you fill out your worksheet.  
    3. An unofficial transcript printed from CalCentral by clicking on “Order Transcripts” from your “My Academics” page or in Bear Facts click on “Academic Record” and “All Grades”. Be sure to check the box “Show Student Name” so that your transcript can be identified as yours.
  4. Meet with your faculty adviser.
  5. Sign up for classes via CalCentral during the Phase I and II appointment times.
  6. A couple helpful tips:
    1. Check the Registrar’s “How to Enroll in Classes” page for more information about enrolling in classes using CalCentral. 
    2. If you have technical difficulties with CalCentral you can contact the Support Desk.
    3. If on your My Academics page it indicates you have anytime of Advising Hold or Registration Hold, please contact your ESS Adviser.