Register for classes

You will be registering for courses in CalCentral.   In CalCentral under “My Academics” you will find the Schedule of Classes, Schedule Planner and your Phase I and Phase II enrollment times. Follow these simple steps to get ready to enroll in classes.   You can also watch a video tutorial of the enrollment system.

  1. Look for an email message from your department regarding class enrollment.
  2. Follow the email’s instructions for arranging a time to meet with your faculty adviser.
  3. Bring the following items to faculty advising:
    1. Class Enrollment form completed with your intended schedule for the upcoming semester.
    2. degree worksheet with your completed and in-progress courses. 
    3. An unofficial transcript printed from CalCentral by clicking on “Order Transcripts” from your “My Academics” page.
  4. Meet with your faculty adviser.
  5. Sign up for classes via CalCentral during the Phase I and II appointment times.
  6. A couple helpful tips:
    1. Check the Registrar’s “How to Enroll in Classes” page for more information about enrolling in classes using CalCentral. 
    2. If you have technical difficulties with CalCentral you can contact the Support Desk.
    3. If on your My Academics page it indicates you have anytime of Advising Hold or Registration Hold, please contact your ESS Adviser.

Bioengineering class registration instructions

Bioengineering Group Faculty Advising: October 10-21, 2106

Faculty Advising for Spring 17 course enrollment will run October 10-21, 2016.  Every BioE and BioE/MSE Joint Major must see their Faculty Adviser during this time.  

EVERY STUDENT MUST HAVE AN ASSIGNED FACULTY ADVISER or you will be blocked from enrolling in Spring 17 classes

Regents Scholars,  Freshmen and Joint BioE/MSE majors: You already have an assigned faculty adviser and you won't need to choose an adviser.

  • Regent Scholars: Your Faculty Adviser is Prof. Liepmann
  • Joint BioE/MSE: Your faculty adviser is Prof. Messersmith
  • Freshmen: Your faculty adviser is  Terry Johnson and will stay with him for a year.  You will choose a new adviser starting Fall 17.

Continuing & Junior Transfers Choose a Faculty Adviser
Continuing and junior transfers you will have the opportunity to choose your faculty adviser using a web application link the week of October 3-7, 2016.  Faculty Advisers will be available on a first-come, first served basis and each adviser can only accept a specific number of students, once they are full they will no longer be a choice, therefore its really important that you select your faculty adviser within this time frame.

Web App to pick your Faculty Adviser:
Monday, October 3 after 8am: Continuing students log into (using CalNet) the Faculty Advising web app  and select your faculty adviser.  Once you have made a choice, make sure and save. 

It is important that you see your faculty adviser during the specified dates of faculty advising which are scheduled October 10-21 2016.   The faculty are available and have scheduled meetings to meet with you to discuss your courses. Faculty Advisers will take roll at the end of each advising session and will provide the names of students who attended their advising sessions, those students who DO NOT ATTEND an advising session will have their registration blocked and will be unable to enroll in Spring 2017 classes.

See the Bioengineering website for more information on Faculty Advising.

Civil & environmental engineering class registration instructions

Civil Engineering Advising Night
Tuesday October 11, 4:00-7:00 p.m.

Be on the lookout for more details sent via e-mail from the Civil Engineering Department.

EECS class registration instructions

Department faculty advising will be taking place Monday, October 3 – Friday, October 14 for all students declared in the EECS or L&S CS majors.

We hope you’re excited about this opportunity to connect with faculty and hear about their experiences and advice. Faculty advising is primarily intended for discussion of course selection, graduate school, and industry questions. Questions about policy and/or specific degree requirements should continue to be directed to staff advisers.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, September 26, 10 am: Continuing students will have the opportunity to keep or change their adviser from last semester on the Faculty Advising web app. If you wish to keep your adviser, select the faculty’s name and click “Save”.  If you want to change your adviser, select "(blank)" and click "Save". You will have until Wednesday morning to make this selection.  If you opt to select a new adviser, you will be able to do so beginning Wednesday at 10am
  • Wednesday, September 28, 10am: Sign-ups for all students will occur on a first-come, first-served basis on the Faculty Advising web app.

IMPORTANT: Students are responsible for selecting an advising time that does not conflict with their schedule. Please make your selections wisely.

  • October 3rd-14th: Attend your faculty advising session/appointment with your questions and ALL your completed forms
  • October 17th-November 3rdPhase I Enrollment Appointments
  • November 14th - December 5th: Phase II Enrollment Appointments
  • January 9th: Enrollment Adjustment Period begins

Important changes:

  • The enrollment limits of 10.5 and 16 units for Phase I and Phase II are now “hard limits” and students will not be able to enroll beyond them.
  • Enrollment appointments will no longer be limited to a 24 hour period. The window will stay open until the end of that phase. You can register any time after your enrollment window opens. 
  • Enrollment priority is now based on number of terms in attendance rather than units earned.
  • For this semester, adviser codes will not be required. You are still expected to attend faculty advising, as it is an important opportunity to connect with faculty to discuss enrollment choices, careers, research, graduate school, and any other questions you might have. 

What to Bring to Faculty Advising

Step 1. Print and complete the appropriate form based on declared major:

Step 2. Print and complete one of the following Degree Worksheets:

EECS Degree Worksheets (based on first year of enrollment)

L&S CS Degree Worksheet

Step 3. Print a copy of your unofficial transcript from Cal Central

I am graduating this semester. Do I need advising?
Fall 2016 graduating seniors are not required to participate in faculty advising. L&S CS students graduates should meet with the CS Major Advisers, and an L&S College Adviser to confirm they have successfully completed their degree. EECS students should meet with their ESS Adviser.

For more information on faculty advising see our FAQ or email

Engineering Science class registration instructions

Engineering Science Advising Forum will be held on Tuesday, Oct 11, Noon- 1:00 p.m., 7th Floor, Davis Hall.  All Engineering Science students are invited to attend, to discuss their Spring schedules with faculty advisers.

Lunch will be provided!

If students cannot attend the Advising Forum, then they are encouraged to speak with their faculty adviser during office hours, prior to registering for Spring classes.  Office hours are listed in the Engineering Science newsletter.  

IEOR class registration

Undergraduate Faculty Advising is scheduled from Oct 11-17.  

Faculty will post the sign-up sheet on their door by October 10.  Please check your email for more information from the IEOR department.

Materials science & engineering class registration instructions

Undergraduate students are encouraged to discuss their progress through the program with a faculty advisor.

Academic advising will be available from four official departmental advisors listed here, along with their areas of academic advice specialization (though each is available to all the students):

  • Professor Daryl Chrzan – structural materials/ ME and NE joint majors
  • Professor Phil Messersmith – soft and biomaterials/ BioE joint majors
  • Professor Junqiao Wu – electronic materials / EECS joint majors
  • Professor Ting Xu – Materials Chemistry /Chem E joint majors

Walk-in advising hours can be found on the MSE website. Of course, each of these professors can be contacted during their normal office hours, and by appointment for advice at other times during the semester.

Mechanical engineering class registration instructions

Please refer to the ME website for complete information about Faculty Advising.

Early Drop-In Advising

  • What: An event where students are able to be advised by faculty, staff, and senior students. An ESS adviser will be there to answer questions about the H/SS requirement and to make sure you are generally on track to graduate.
  • When: Tuesday, October 11th, 10am-4pm (we will stop taking advisees at about 3:45pm)
  • Where: 3110 Etcheverry Hall

Individual Advising
Students who are not able to attend Drop-In Advising can still see their assigned Faculty Adviser during their Office Hours starting the week of October 10.  

Nuclear Engineering class registration instructions

You should have received an e-mail about Faculty Advising. Faculty Advising starts Monday, October 10 until the start of your Phase 1 start time.  On the email you will be told who your adviser is, their office location and your adviser email address.

Students need to bring: 

  1. A copy of their transcript (they can also bring a laptop with this information)
  2. A completed course plan
  3. A completed, printed enrollment form

Undeclared class registration instructions


Students interested in Bioengineering can go to a group faculty advising meeting with Terry Johnson on either October 11, 1:00-4:00 p.m. or October 17, 2:00-4:00 p.m. Both meetings are in 418 Hearst Mining Building


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Student interested in Civil Engineering are encouraged to attend:

CEE Major Madness / Pizza Night
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
4:00 - 6:00 p.m. (drop in)
7th Floor, Davis Hall

CEE undergraduate faculty advisors from the various emphases will be available for students to speak with in a casual group setting.  The event is drop in, so students are welcome at anytime during the two hour period.

Upper classmen will be available to provide peer advising.



EECS Advisers are available October 3 -14 only.  Students interested in EECS should plan to attend one of the group advising sessions. Please look at the table for EECS faculty advising times and dates.


Engineering Sciences

ES Advising Forum will be held on Tuesday, October 11 from Noon - 1:00 p.m., 7th Floor, Davis Hall. Lunch will be provided!



Faculty Advising for IEOR will be held from Tuesday, October 11 - Monday, Oct 17.  Students interested in IEOR  can see Professor Leachman, 4127 Etcheverry Hall, during the faculty advising time period. Sign-up sheets should be posted on his door by the 11.


Materials Science and Engineering

Students interested in MSE can see either:


Mechanical Engineering

Students interested in Mechanical Engineering should have been contacted by Shareena Samson, who is arranging a time for a group advising session with their Undergraduate Faculty Adviser. If you are a third or fourth semester Engineering Undeclared students who is interested in ME and have not been contacted you should email Shareena ASAP. If you have any questions you can reach out to your ESS adviser for clarification.


Nuclear Engineering

Students interested in Nuc Eng should plan to see:

The Department of Nuclear Engineering cordially invites engineering undeclared students to an info-session in which we will help you figure out exactly which piece of nuclear engineering is for you!
Please join us for a major overview, student panels, lab tours and pizza!
  • October 13, 2016 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. - 4101 Etcheverry Hall
  • October 20, 2016 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. - 4101 Etcheverry Hall