Registration Troubleshooting

Having problems with registration? Check below for common problems and their solutions. As students let us know and we find solutions next week we will add to the solutions below.

Math 1A, 1B, 53 and 54:
The Department of Mathematics is working to open new sections of Math 1A, 1B, 53 and 54.  They are currently working with other campus departments to find instructors and space for more sections. The department has created a webpage that will be updated when sections have been added. For more information view the email that was sent Wednesday morning.

Course Reserve Caps:
If a class appears to have open seats, but you aren't able to enroll, be sure to check the enrollment limits for the class. You can do that in Scheduler Planner by clicking on the "options" button for a class and then clicking on the "i' button. You may see something that says: "Reserve Caps" this will tell you how many seats have been reserved for specific categories of students. So even if there is room if you don't meet any of those categories, you won't be able to enroll.

If the class you want is full you may have the option to waitlist in the class. Please note that lower division Math (1A, 1B, 53, 54) and Physics (7A/B/C) courses do not use a waitlist so you'll want to try and find a lab and/or discussion section that is open.   If you do need to waitlist, ideally you'll want to waitlist in the lab or discussion section with the least amount of students as that will give you a better chance of eventually getting enrolled.  Our recommendation is whenever possible to not waitlist and instead find a lab/discussion section that is open. But if that is not possible then enroll in the lab/discussion section with the shortest waitlist.  Waitlisted classes do count in your 17.5 unit limit for enrollment.

When adding a class to your shopping cart make sure you have chosen the waitlist checkbox so that if they class is full you will be automatically added to the waitlist. If you do not have the box checked it will not enroll you and you will have to add the class a second time after being told of an error.

Unit Limit:
Incoming frosh and transfer students are able to register for 17 units until the adjustment period.  At that time students can register for up to 20.5 units. Continuing students were only able to register for 13 units during Phase I but will be add more units during Phase II and the adjustment period.

AP Tests:
As you are getting your AP scores you may want to change your schedule based on the score you received. Many students who achieved the appropriate score on their AP English exam to exempt themselves from R&C A are wondering if it is okay to defer R&C B to a future semester. For most students this is fine, you just have to have R&C B done by the end of your sophomore year. You don't necessarily need to contact your adviser if you are making a change to your schedule based on AP scores.

CalCentral problem:
If you experience issues with CalCentral you should submit a help request by emailing and explaining your issues as clearly as possible and noting any error messages you may have received. While your ESS Adviser can also try to troubleshoot--your best best it to submit a ticket.