Momentum speaker series

Momentum Speaker Series: Entrepreneurship & Startups, Speaker Neeka Mashouf Play

Momentum Speaker Series: Entrepreneurship & Startups, Speaker Neeka Mashouf

Momentum Speaker Series

The Momentum Speaker Series is a TED-like, student-led speaker series designed to help Berkeley Engineering students gain momentum in their career searches and professional lives through advice from their peers. The goal of Momentum is to crowd source advice from peers who have succeeded and/or are experts in certain fields. Each event of the series will bring together six qualified speakers and focus on a common theme that will help the Berkeley Engineering community.

Check back for our next event in Fall 2017.

Momentum Speaker Series is a collaboration between two Berkeley Engineering students, Andrew Ansell and Mark Ansell, and Berkeley Engineering Student Services.

Past Events:

Entrepreneurships & Startups, Tuesday, February 21, 2017. We heard from nine current Cal students who have started their own startups or have significant entrepreneurial experience. Topics will include:

  • What it takes to start a startup while in college
  • What they have learned about themselves and advice they would give others
  • Stories of failure and entrepreneurship
  • Startup resources available to you

The Intern PerspectiveWednesday, November 16, 2016. We heard from six peers with internships at Disney, Google, GM, Apple, Facebook and more in a rapid TED-style talk about what they did to get great internships and how they could help you do the same. Topics included:

  • How to land a top internship
  • How to succeed once in a competitive internship
  • Key takeaways they learned through the process