I'm a Berkeley Engineer

Berkeley Engineering is the home to students with a variety of backgrounds, goals and interests. Meet some of our students and learn more about the experiences and opportunities they have found here.

Katie Driggs-CampbellKatie Driggs-Campbell

Ph.D. student
Electrical engineering & computer sciences

“The thing that impressed me the most was how involved the students were in their departments — the faculty and administrative support here is on a completely different level than at other universities I’ve seen.”

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Chris JengChris Jeng

Class of 2017
Electrical engineering & computer sciences

“If you ever sat down with a random peer and asked them about their life, you’d learn of a magnificent story about how they came to be where they are today. Odds are, they’re ridiculously talented and passionate about what they do, and have contagious aspirations to fix something in the world and make it better.”

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Elisa RamirezElisa Ramirez

Class of 2017
Industrial engineering & operations research; minor in mechanical engineering

“I am constantly learning new things, and most importantly, applying what I learn to real world problems. I’ve had the privilege of building close relationships with faculty and working alongside some of the brightest students across the country.”    

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Nandita SampathNandita Sampath

Class of 2017
Electrical engineering & computer sciences/materials science & engineering

“I really liked the idea of going to a large research university, because there are so many opportunities available.”

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William Prince SmithWilliam Prince Smith

Class of 2017
Electrical engineering & computer sciences

“Something that’s unique here … is that pretty much every course is hands-on … every course has multiple projects, so you’ll learn something, and then you immediately have to apply it..”

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Isaac WilliamsIsaac Williams

Class of 2016
Civil & environmental engineering

“My favorite thing about Berkeley is how much it demands out of me; its ability to foster a desire to succeed is unparalleled. Never again will I be surrounded by such a unique and driven group of people.”

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