All departments and organizations reserving and using facilities managed by the College of Engineering dean’s office are responsible for adhering to these policies. Any deviation from this requirement will affect future reservation requests.

Our facilities are programmed specifically for the College of Engineering. To ensure appropriate academic and professional content, all events and meetings must be sponsored and organized by College of Engineering offices, departments or research units. Use by other campus departments may be granted as exceptions only. These facilities are not available for booking by the general public.

Student use

Student organizations wishing to reserve our facilities must be registered with the LEAD Center and the Engineering Student Council. For conferences, seminars and other special events, student organizations must include faculty advisers as active members of the organizing committee.

User’s responsibilities

  • Users agree to abide by the Rules of Conduct in Campus Buildings.
  • No candles, hotplates or fires of any kind.
  • All users are responsible for returning the facility to its normal condition at the conclusion of the event. This includes replacing all moved furniture back to the standard layout posted by the entry door.
  • Users are responsible for making sure all trash is deposited in the waste containers and that all equipment and supplies from the event are removed.
  • If extraordinary cleaning or repair is deemed necessary, additional vendor fees will be recharged to the chartstring provided by the event organizer. This includes fees to re-set any moved furniture.
  • Cleaning fees will be recharged accordingly to the chartstring provided. Any debris abandoned after the event will result in the loss of a security deposit or recharged to the chartstring.
  • The organizer is financially responsible for any damage to the building, equipment or furnishings caused by persons attending the event.
  • Special requests such as additional furniture must be pre-approved by the COE facilities office. If additional furniture or assistance with set-up/takedown is required, contact Property Management.
  • The COE facilities office does not provide posters, name tags, registration, website development, catering, room set-up or other event management. These are fully the responsibility of the organizer.

Contracted services

The organizer must provide proof of all services required for the reservation, including but not limited to security services, insurance certificates and permits. Failure to do so will result in loss of the reservation. If special circumstances prevent you from complying with this requirement, please contact the COE facilities office immediately after submitting your reservation request to make alternate arrangements.

Security services

If your event is on a weekend or outside normal building hours, you must arrange for a UCPD Security Patrol Officer (SPO) to be present for the after-hours period of the event. An approved Police Services request form must be uploaded to your reservation or emailed to the Facilities Manager no later than five working days prior to the event date.

Custodial Service

Events with more than 25 attendees, as well as events that involve catering or other food service, require Facilities Services for cleaning and waste management. These services will be ordered by COE Facilities and recharged directly to the organizer. Users may not opt out of this policy to assume personal responsibility for cleaning. Cleaning fees can be obtained from Facilities Services after the event.

Information about zero waste events, including participating caterers, can be found on the Cal Zero Waste website.  

Audio-visual needs

Sibley Auditorium and some conference rooms are equipped with a projector, screen and speakers. Contact the COE facilities office well in advance of your reservation for use instructions or to test the on-site equipment.

All other staging requirements such as video recording and webcasting should be arranged through COE Facilities. Special AV service includes staff assistance and services such as recording or live streaming.  

Special AV service is provided through our AV contractor.  The contractor will contact you directly and provide a separate proposal based on your needs. Payment is made directly to the contractor via credit card only.  In addition to the contractor's fee, an equipment use fee of $300 will be charged directly to the chartstring provided on your reservation request.  (The equipment use fee is not charged if you elect to use the self-service AV equipment in the room.)

Special AV service requests will not be accepted less than 7 business days prior to the event date.

Alternately, AV staging may also be ordered through campus Educational Technology Services.

Note: No amplified sound is allowed in the Banatao Room (290 Hearst Memorial Mining Building) or in the Moore Lobby during times when classes are in session.  All requests for amplified sound must be approved by the Hearst facility manager prior to the event.

Food service

  • All food served must be professionally catered. A list of approved suppliers can be found when booking a room through the online reservation system. Suppliers not on the approved caterer list must provide proof of insurance.
  • A food permit from Environment, Health & Safety is required for events open to the public or if admission is being charged.
  • If you plan to barbecue, you must obtain an open-flame cooking permit from Environment, Health & Safety. Fires, candles and hotplates are not allowed in any of our facilities.

Proof of insurance

  • If the organizer books a caterer, florist, musician or other supplier who will be on campus  providing services for the event, the supplier must provide proof of insurance.
  • Suppliers should visit Berkeley Risk Services to review guidelines for insurance certificates.

Insurance Requirements - If you are using a vendor in America To Go or Cal Catering, the insurance requirements are not needed.

For all vendors providing services at the event, they will need to provide a certificate of insurance with the following information:

  1. General Liability Insurance
    • with at least $1,000,000 worth of coverage
    • Individual or Company name must be listed on the policy as Insured
    • The REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA must be listed as “additional insured”
    • The certificate must list the INSURER’S name and contact information
    • The policy start and end date must be valid and listed on the certificate
  2. Auto Liability Insurance with at least  $1,000,000 worth of coverage – if a representative will be driving on University property
  3. Proof of WORKER’S COMPENSATION - if a company employee will be working on University property.

If a vendor doesn't have insurance, they can contact the University’s insurance broker, Mercer, to obtain a Special Event Certificate of Insurance using the TULIP link:
or by phone at 866-838-9536 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central)

Completed certificates of insurance must be emailed to coe-facilities@berkeley.edu.


  • Be sure to review the Campus Alcoholic Beverage Policy (PDF).
  • If alcohol will be served, the organizer must complete an Alcohol Permit Request Form from UCPD.
  • The application must be approved by the sponsor, the COE facilities office and the UC Police Department. A copy of UCPD’s final approval must be uploaded to your reservation request or emailed to coe-facilities@berkeley.edu.
  • No alcohol may be served at a student event without a faculty sponsor who will be present for the duration of the event.
  • No alcohol may be served at any events where undergraduates are in attendance.

Setting up

  • Space access and key check-out must be arranged with the COE facilities office no later than three business days in advance.
  • No signs, banners, posters or decorations may be nailed or tacked in any way to interior walls.
  • Materials may be posted using blue painter’s tape only — no scotch tape, masking tape, packing tape, etc.
  • Banners may be draped on a table or affixed to a podium with blue painter’s tape.
  • Damage to the walls will be repaired and recharged to the chartstring provided.
  • All interior and exterior signs must be removed at the end of the event.

User’s liability

The sponsoring department or organization using College of Engineering facilities takes responsibility for:

  • Any damage to the building, equipment or furnishings caused by persons attending the event.
  • Any required services that accrue from the reservation.
  • Enforcing UC Berkeley’s alcohol use policy (PDF) and tobacco-free policy.
  • Restoring the facilities to their original state after the event.


  • The College of Engineering is not responsible for items left on the premises by the organizer or guests. All goods and equipment must be removed from the premises immediately following the conclusion of the event.
  • The COE facilities office may, at its sole discretion, place additional requirements on your reservation, such as extra security for high-profile guests.
  • All reservations are subject to cancellation by the College of Engineering dean’s office.
  • Exceptions to any of these policies are not valid unless approved in writing by the college’s assistant dean of facilities and capital projects.

The COE facilities office reserves the right to refuse future reservations to departments or organizations that do not comply with these policies.