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  • Han Jin and other 30 Under 30 honorees
    VR innovator Han Jin named to 30 Under 30

    4/25/2017 Inc. - The latest crop of 30 Under 30 young entrepreneurs at Inc. includes Fung Institute alumnus Han Jin (MEng '12 IEOR), co-founder of Lucid VR, which has simplified capturing virtual reality with a mass-market 3-D video camera.

  • Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley
    Fast-track M.E.T. program for tech leaders is more competitive than Stanford

    4/24/2017 Business Insider - UC Berkeley's new Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology program aims to launch future tech leaders by teaching the wide variety of skills required of them in the real world, allowing them to earn dual degrees in business and engineering in four years.

  • Photo illustration: Brita filter pitcher in forest
    Nature’s Brita filters

    4/19/2017 Salon - CEE professor Ashok Gadgil, co-lead for the Berkeley Lab's Water-Energy Initiative, talks about engineering new solutions to solve the water crisis using simple, cheap and abundant ingredients, like wood, sunlight, even human waste.

  • Alexei Efros
    Image alchemist Alexei Efros wins ACM computing prize

    4/18/2017 ACM - The Association for Computing Machinery has awarded its 2016 Prize in Computing to EECS professor Alexei Efros "for groundbreaking data-driven approaches to computer graphics and computer vision."

  • Worker examining the damaged Oroville Dam spillway
    Serious design, construction and maintenance defects doomed Oroville Dam, report says

    4/18/2017 LA Times - In the first major assessment of the Oroville Dam spillway failure in February, civil engineering professor emeritus Robert Bea, co-founder of Berkeley's Center for Catastrophic Risk Analysis, has concluded that design and construction flaws, as well as maintenance errors, were to blame.

  • Drawing of the RISE group's planned house
    Engineering student team readies competition house

    4/17/2017 ASCE - A group led by Berkeley civil engineering students will take an innovative, zero net energy house into a Denver competition this fall, organized by the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • Anca Dragan
    The most robot-proof job of them all

    4/14/2017 Marketplace - EECS assistant Professor Anca Dragan talks with David Brancaccio about how her native Romania gave her a leg up on studying human-robot interactions, and on helping develop those skills for more would-be scientists.

  • Katherine Yelick, Hari Balakrishnan, Paul Jacobs and Andrea Goldsmith
    Katherine Yelick, 3 alumni named AAAS fellows

    4/12/2017 AAAS - EECS professor Katherine Yelick is one of 228 newly elected fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the nation's oldest learned societies. Also honored in the 2017 class are Berkeley Engineering alumni Hari Balakrishnan, Andrea Goldsmith and Paul Jacobs.

  • Thumbnail of video: Why do your shoelaces come untied?
    Shoe-string theory

    4/12/2017 - A new study by Berkeley mechanical engineers finally shows why shoelaces keep coming untied.

  • Demo of augmented reality gear
    Working on AR that will help us talk to robots

    4/5/2017 Wareable - Allen Yang, head of the Center for Augmented Cognition, discusses the burgeoning augmented and virtual reality programs at UC Berkeley, including efforts to build a multidisciplinary VR classroom — a sort of 21st century computer lab.