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  • Berkeley to lead energy and water consortium

    10/5/2015 - Berkeley, in partnership with UC Irvine and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, was awarded a five-year, multi-million dollar international research consortium that tackles water-related aspects of energy production and use. Civil and environmental engineering professor, Ashok Gadgil, will lead the new consortium.

  • Peidong Yang in his lab
    Peidong Yang receives MacArthur 'genius award'

    9/29/2015 - Peidong Yang, a UC Berkeley chemist and materials scientist who is trying to capture carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into a sustainable transportation fuel, has been named a MacArthur “genius” Fellow.

  • Reports on handwashing studies for a development engineering class
    A new kind of development professional: The development engineer

    9/23/2015 devex - At UC Berkeley, engineers and computer scientists are in the same rooms as economists and political scientists, working together to test, implement and scale technologies in a way that can reframe global development as we know it.

  • threads of artificial spider silk
    Spinning synthetic spider silk

    9/21/2015 MIT Technology Review - A California company founded by UC Berkeley alumni may have figured out how to use genetic engineering to make extremely versatile fibers the way spiders can.

  • Berkeley Engineering professors leading World Economic Forum panel
    Researchers talk new diagnostic methods at global tech conference

    9/18/2015 - Four Berkeley Engineering professors took part in the World Economic Forum’s ninth Annual Meeting of the New Champions last week in Dalian, China, leading a discussion on how breakthroughs in medical diagnostic technologies are transforming healthcare.

  • 3D illustration of a metasurface skin cloak
    Invisibility cloak shields bumpy 3D object in visible light

    9/17/2015 Berkeley Lab - Scientists at Berkeley Lab and Berkeley Engineering have created a 3-dimensional invisibility cloak fit for Harry Potter – if the boy wizard were smaller than a grain of sand.

  • Brett (Berkeley Robot for the Elimination of Tedious Tasks)
    Preschool for robots

    9/8/2015 Bloomberg Business - Want machines to learn the way human toddlers do? You need a “classroom” equipped with Lego blocks and plenty of patience. Just ask Brett, or robotics professor Pieter Abbeel.

  • Eko co-founders Jason Bellet, CEO Connor Landgraf and Tyler Crouch
    Stethoscope meets smartphone and the heart knows it's right

    9/8/2015 LA Times - The Eko Core digital stethoscope, developed by a trio of Berkeley alumni, aims to bring auscultation — the ancient medical practice of listening to a patient's heartbeat — squarely into the 21st century. It was cleared for sale in the U.S. this month.

  • LIDAR map from NOAA
    Self-sweeping laser could dramatically shrink 3-D mapping systems

    9/3/2015 - A new approach that uses light to move mirrors could usher in a new generation of laser technology for a wide range of applications, including remote sensing, self-driving car navigation and 3-D biomedical imaging. The engineering team was led by EECS professor Connie Chang-Hasnain.

  • Eko stethoscope
    Eko’s digital stethoscope green-lighted by FDA

    9/2/2015 - The digital stethoscope startup Eko Devices, co-founded by Berkeley Engineering graduates and nurtured by Skydeck, the campus accelerator, has won federal permission to enter the medical device market.