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  • Nuclear science illustration
    Berkeley to lead $25M nuclear security research consortium

    2/9/2016 - A new $25 million grant from the National Nuclear Security Administration puts UC Berkeley at the head of a multi-institution consortium focused on research that supports nuclear science, national security and nuclear nonproliferation.

  • Fiona Doyle, Shmuel Oren and David Sedlak
    New members elected to the National Academy of Engineering

    2/8/2016 - The National Academy of Engineering elected five Berkeley Engineers, including three current faculty, in this year’s class of new members.

  • Screenshot of ShakeAlert demo on smartphone
    White House renews commitment to earthquake early warning system

    2/3/2016 - Buoyed by recent advances in technology, the federal government announced Tuesday that it is expanding its commitment to earthquake warning systems because they will save lives.

  • The Phoenix exoskeleton
    The paralyzed can walk again with this super-light robotic exoskeleton

    2/1/2016 Fast Company - The Phoenix, a lightweight, modular exoskeleton developed at Berkeley's Human Engineering and Robotics Laboratory under the guidance of mechanical engineering professor Homayoon Kazerooni, aims to provide an affordable way to help some disabled people walk again.

  • French tenis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga wipes sweat from his face during the Australian Open.
    Wearable sensor can collect data from sweat

    2/1/2016 New York Times - Berkeley engineers have created a flexible, wearable sensor that can collect data about multiple chemicals in body sweat. The device could help people monitor conditions like dehydration and fatigue in real time, said EECS professor Ali Javey.

  • Nuclear Science and Security Consortium logo
    Berkeley-led consortium receives grant to research nuclear energy, security

    2/1/2016 Daily Californian - The multi-university Nuclear Science and Security Consortium, led by UC Berkeley and headed by nuclear engineering professor Jasmina Vujic, has received another $25 million federal grant to research nuclear energy and security, aimed at attracting young scholars to the field.

  • CNBC's James Wright and CEE professor Arpad Horvath at Sather Gate
    The road to sustainability

    1/27/2016 CNBC - In a new video series on sustainable energy, civil and environmental engineering professor Arpad Horvath compares the environmental footprints of emerging transportation technologies, from biofuels and high-speed rail to maritime shipping and aviation.

  • lab-grown urethra
    11 body parts grown in the lab

    1/26/2016 LiveScience - A roundup of recent successes in cultivating human body structures ranges from fallopian tubes to 3D-printed ears to the heart muscle cells, grown in Berkeley bioengineer Jay Keasling's lab, that could speed the screening of drugs.

  • Ana Claudia Arias in the lab with a student
    Super small science

    1/26/2016 NSF/NBC - You may have nanotechnology in your pocket and not even know it. In a video feature on nanotechnology's everyday impacts, EECS associate professor Ana Claudia Arias talks about her work with flexible sensors.

  • Tester operating an industrial grinder while wearing an exoskeleton
    I wore an exoskeleton that gave me super strength

    1/26/2016 Time - Ekso Bionics, which grew out of Berkeley Engineering's Robotic and Human Engineering Lab, is working on an exoskeleton that can help workers lift and use heavy power tools for long stretches of time by literally taking the weight off their backs.