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  • Wei Gao and his sensor wristband, and Sergey Levine
    Seven Berkeley engineers named top innovators under 35

    8/23/2016 - Wei Gao, an EECS postdoc developing wearable sweat sensors to monitor health, and EECS assistant professor Sergey Levine, who helped pioneer “deep learning” for robots, are among seven Berkeley engineers on this year’s list of top innovators under 35, compiled by MIT Technology Review.

  • Ruzena Bajcsy and Michael Stonebreaker
    7 over 70: New thinking from older innovators

    8/23/2016 MIT Technology Review - A companion to Tech Review's annual 35 Innovators Under 35 list features seven innovators older than 70, including EECS professor Ruzena Bajcsy and EECS professor emeritus Michael Stonebreaker, now at MIT.

  • Eleanor Allen delivering her TEDx talk on access to water
    Why water is a women's issue

    8/22/2016 - Every year, half a million children die from drinking contaminated water. In a TED x talk in Denver, Eleanor Allen (M.S.'97 CE) explains why access to water is a women’s issue.

  • Anthony Levandowski (right) and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick in the lobby of Uber’s headquarters
    How robot lover Anthony Levandowski pioneered the driverless car

    8/22/2016 The Guardian - Anthony Levandowski (B.S.'02, M.S.'03 IEOR) is one the most influential engineers behind self-driving vehicles. Now that Uber has bought his latest startup, Otto, he talks about how it all started with a phone call from Mom.

  • mHealth researchers William Haskell (Stanford), Yoshimi Fukuoka (UCSF) and Anil Aswani (Berkeley IEOR)
    How data can personalize mobile health

    8/10/2016 - IEOR professor Anil Aswani, in partnership with colleagues from UCSF and Stanford, is investigating how mobile health applications can help individuals live healthier lifestyles.

  • phasor measurement unit and EECS professor Alexandra von Meier
    Detecting cybersecurity threats by taking the grid's pulse

    8/10/2016 IEEE Spectrum - EECS professor Alexandra von Meier and power quality expert Alex McEachern set out to build an advanced power sensor for utility distribution grids, and accidentally produced a promising tool to protect those grids from cyber attack.

  • entry gate at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ
    How AT&T shaped modern art

    8/9/2016 Little Atoms - Bell Labs, a trailblazer of scientific innovation, was also a playground for some of the leading avant-garde artists of the 1960s and '70s, thanks to an artist-engineer collective forged by Berkeley professor Billy Klüver (M.S.'55, Ph.D.'57 EECS).

  • Olivier Siegelaar (third from left) rowing with the Dutch crew team
    Olympic rower (and engineer) Siegelaar wins Pac-12 scholarship

    8/9/2016 Cal Sports Quarterly - Olivier Siegelaar (B.S.'13 ME), who is rowing for the Netherlands crew team at the Rio Olympics, is also a 2016 Pac-12 postgrad scholarship recipient, to help him pursue an MBA at Oxford University.

  • Kenyan children drinking water from a fountain
    Bringing clean water to Kenya’s largest slum

    8/4/2016 California magazine - Paul Sagues (M.S.'80 ME), chairman of the Marin-based water systems firm Xio, and energy professor Dan Kammen were part of a high-profile Berkeley-driven team bringing a model clean water project to Kibera, Africa's largest slum.

  • Spreadsheet
    Spreadsheet tools to help everyone escape from the cell

    8/4/2016 Financial Times - Alumnus and Microsoft researcher Sumit Gulwani (Ph.D.'05 CS) is behind the development of user-friendly spreadsheet tools that can, in his view, “keep control of the digital divide.”