EECS class registration instructions

Department faculty advising will be taking place Monday, October 3 – Friday, October 14 for all students declared in the EECS or L&S CS majors.

We hope you’re excited about this opportunity to connect with faculty and hear about their experiences and advice. Faculty advising is primarily intended for discussion of course selection, graduate school, and industry questions. Questions about policy and/or specific degree requirements should continue to be directed to staff advisers.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, September 26, 10 am: Continuing students will have the opportunity to keep or change their adviser from last semester on the Faculty Advising web app. If you wish to keep your adviser, select the faculty’s name and click “Save”.  If you want to change your adviser, select "(blank)" and click "Save". You will have until Wednesday morning to make this selection.  If you opt to select a new adviser, you will be able to do so beginning Wednesday at 10am
  • Wednesday, September 28, 10am: Sign-ups for all students will occur on a first-come, first-served basis on the Faculty Advising web app.

IMPORTANT: Students are responsible for selecting an advising time that does not conflict with their schedule. Please make your selections wisely.

  • October 3rd-14th: Attend your faculty advising session/appointment with your questions and ALL your completed forms
  • October 17th-November 3rdPhase I Enrollment Appointments
  • November 14th - December 5th: Phase II Enrollment Appointments
  • January 9th: Enrollment Adjustment Period begins

Important changes:

  • The enrollment limits of 10.5 and 16 units for Phase I and Phase II are now “hard limits” and students will not be able to enroll beyond them.
  • Enrollment appointments will no longer be limited to a 24 hour period. The window will stay open until the end of that phase. You can register any time after your enrollment window opens. 
  • Enrollment priority is now based on number of terms in attendance rather than units earned.
  • For this semester, adviser codes will not be required. You are still expected to attend faculty advising, as it is an important opportunity to connect with faculty to discuss enrollment choices, careers, research, graduate school, and any other questions you might have. 

What to Bring to Faculty Advising

Step 1. Print and complete the appropriate form based on declared major:

Step 2. Print and complete one of the following Degree Worksheets:

EECS Degree Worksheets (based on first year of enrollment)

L&S CS Degree Worksheet

Step 3. Print a copy of your unofficial transcript from Cal Central

I am graduating this semester. Do I need advising?
Fall 2016 graduating seniors are not required to participate in faculty advising. L&S CS students graduates should meet with the CS Major Advisers, and an L&S College Adviser to confirm they have successfully completed their degree. EECS students should meet with their ESS Adviser.

For more information on faculty advising see our FAQ or email