Bioengineering class registration instructions

Bioengineering Group Faculty Advising: October 10-21, 2106

Faculty Advising for Spring 17 course enrollment will run October 10-21, 2016.  Every BioE and BioE/MSE Joint Major must see their Faculty Adviser during this time.  

EVERY STUDENT MUST HAVE AN ASSIGNED FACULTY ADVISER or you will be blocked from enrolling in Spring 17 classes

Regents Scholars,  Freshmen and Joint BioE/MSE majors: You already have an assigned faculty adviser and you won't need to choose an adviser.

  • Regent Scholars: Your Faculty Adviser is Prof. Liepmann
  • Joint BioE/MSE: Your faculty adviser is Prof. Messersmith
  • Freshmen: Your faculty adviser is  Terry Johnson and will stay with him for a year.  You will choose a new adviser starting Fall 17.

Continuing & Junior Transfers Choose a Faculty Adviser
Continuing and junior transfers you will have the opportunity to choose your faculty adviser using a web application link the week of October 3-7, 2016.  Faculty Advisers will be available on a first-come, first served basis and each adviser can only accept a specific number of students, once they are full they will no longer be a choice, therefore its really important that you select your faculty adviser within this time frame.

Web App to pick your Faculty Adviser:
Monday, October 3 after 8am: Continuing students log into (using CalNet) the Faculty Advising web app  and select your faculty adviser.  Once you have made a choice, make sure and save. 

It is important that you see your faculty adviser during the specified dates of faculty advising which are scheduled October 10-21 2016.   The faculty are available and have scheduled meetings to meet with you to discuss your courses. Faculty Advisers will take roll at the end of each advising session and will provide the names of students who attended their advising sessions, those students who DO NOT ATTEND an advising session will have their registration blocked and will be unable to enroll in Spring 2017 classes.

See the Bioengineering website for more information on Faculty Advising.