Bioengineering class registration instructions

All Bioengineering students must select and see their faculty adviser each semester. It is important that you see your faculty adviser during the specified dates of faculty advising meetings (April 3-14, 2017)  as they may not be available at other times. If you are unable to see your assigned adviser, you can attend any of the other BioE faculty advisers’ group meetings.  Please look for emails from the BioEngineering Department for the date, time and location of these group meetings.

Exception: Faculty Advisers for Freshmen, Regent Scholars or BioE Joint Major. Students who have specialized Faculty Advisers and you should attend their meetings or make arrangements to meet with them individually.

2017 Curriculum

A new curriculum has been approved for starting Fall 17. Current students will be able to transfer into the 2017 curriculum by demonstrating they can complete their degree within the 8 semesters. Information on the new curriculum can be found on our webpage.

During the Faculty Advising period (April 3-14, 2017) there will be several  Information Sessions on the Fall 17 Curriculum on these dates in 177 Stanley Hall: 

  • April 3, 12-1
  • April 5, 4-5pm
  • April 10, 12-1pm
  • April 12, 4-5pm

This is a great opportunity to bring your questions, and to figure out if you can easily switch to the Fall 17 curriculum.

At faculty advising

  1. Complete and bring the BioE worksheet to the meeting.
  2. Obtain your class schedule under Schedule planner in Cal Central.

Faculty Advisers will take roll at the end of each advising session and will provide the names of the students who attended their advising sessions, those students who DO NOT ATTEND an advising session will have their registration blocked and will be unable to enroll in classes.

Graduating Seniors should make an appointment with their ESS Adviser in 230 Bechtel for a FINAL DEGREE CHECK

For students who are participating in Study Abroad

Contact your faculty adviser via email with your proposed schedule, also let them know that you are participating in the program. Also please make sure to cc: Cindy on the email. Please plan ahead so that your request is not last minute.