Change of major

Poster session in HMMB atriumPhoto by Matt BeardsleyAn education doesn’t always follow a straight line. If your chosen path is taking you in a new direction, there’s always the option to change your major.

Students in the College of Engineering must complete a minimum of one semester at Berkeley before they can apply for a change of major. However, our most heavily subscribed majors may require a minimum of two semesters.

Transfer students are not eligible to change majors. Transfer students thinking of revising their major as a joint major should consult with their Engineering Student Services (ESS) adviser. Students admitted through a change of college application are not eligible to change majors or add a second major.

Applications for a change of major will be considered only when all of the following requirements have been met:

  • At least one semester has been completed at Berkeley.
  • Student is in good academic standing.
  • Student has made satisfactory academic progress during his or her semesters of enrollment.
  • The planned program shows a realistic trajectory for completing all degree requirements within the time allotted by the college.
  • Students who have met the above criteria and have a UC technical GPA of 3.0 or higher are more likely to be approved. Some majors require a technical GPA greater than 3.0 for admission, and completion of more than one semester. Students should consult with their ESS adviser for specific information on their intended major.
  • It should be noted that the above criteria are required for consideration, but are not a guarantee of admission. Many of our majors are highly impacted and are thus very limited in the number of requests they can accommodate.

Contact your ESS adviser to discuss your plans and pick up a change of major application. It’s best to submit the application no later than the end of sophomore year. The application must be submitted a minimum of two semesters prior to the anticipated date of graduation. It must include an academic plan that shows how the requested change will not delay graduation.